Can you move an existing website to your hosting services?

For the most part, yes, however this question requires some in depth knowledge and we would need to do some technical research on your existing site.

Do you offer custom designs?

We offer a range of templates and custom designs depending on your particular needs.

Do you require a contract?

In order to keep our costs competitive we require an annual commitment.

Do we need to give you artwork/photos or do you supply them?

We offer artwork/photos or we can utilize your digital material.

How long does the website process usually take?

Typically less than two weeks for non-custom sites. Custom sites will take longer depending on the site and how soon you as the customer can get us the material to place upon the site.

Is there an additional fee for online giving module (churches)?

No, this is included in our standard offering.

Do you lease or own your own server infrastructure?

We are a vertically integrated company that owns all of our own server infrastructure.

What if I own my own domain name?

No problem. You can keep it and use it with our services.

What if I do not own a domain name?

We can help you register a domain name.

Can I transfer my e-mail addresses to your services?

Yes. We offer complete e-mail services.

Can my staff edit website information?

Yes, our solutions are complete CMS (Content Management System) compatible that puts the power of the developer in your hands.

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