About Us


FortisWeb was created to provide web services to small and medium business -- including churches, ministries, and other Christian organizations. The Internet has become the backbone of our economy and society. We believe that this backbone needs to be used to take your message to the masses. Our goal is to provide you with an economical and professional web presence that reflects your business, so you can show the best of your organization to the world.

FortisWeb is part of the larger, but privately owned, MDC Technology Group, a company that has been a local leader in technology for over 17 years. We are vertically integrated, from servers to software, allowing our expertise in hardware and software to bring you affordable solutions. We do not rely on third parties, so we can bring you the best in service and services. Personal service, professional skills, years of experience all make the difference when dealing with FortisWeb.

Meet The Team

  • Dan "The Man" Crouch Dan Crouch
    Dan is an entrepreneur.
    He is the owner and founder of
    Fortisweb, as well as MDC Technology Group and Blackbuck Communications.
    This guy knows how
    to get stuff done!
  • Cali "The Kid" Shobe Cali Shobe
    Cali is a perfectionist.
    You should see how long she focuses
    on the smaller details. She promises to
    be just as diligent with your website, but
    much more efficient. She also has a degree in technical writing to keep
    these sites organized
    and legible!

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